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May 29, 2011

Are You a Secret Member of the Tea Party?

o are you a secret member of the Tea Party and don't know it? Here's how to find out, and in the process discover what the Tea Party is really about. Is the mainstream media really telling the truth about the Tea Party?

Start with Rick Santelli's famous February 2009 rant on CNBC after Obama and the Congressional democrats passed the $1 trillion bailout bill and promised to pay for bad mortgages. This rant is what began catalyzing Americans into launching the true grass-roots Tea Party (4:37):


Then watch Glenn Reynolds (of INSTAPUNDIT.COM and PJTV.COM) interview the young Cincinnati Tea Party organizers to see how the Tea Party ACTUALLY got started (9:07):


And here's Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan with some initial perspectives on what the Tea Party actually is in February 2010 at the first Tea Party Convention in Nashville (starts at about 1 minute into the video):


Then start through the 7 Bill Whittle videos, What We Believe to get a view of what's at the core of Tea Party folks (about 10 minutes each):

Part 1, Small Government


Part 2, The Problem with Elitism


Part 3, Wealth Creation


Part 4, Natural Law


Part 5, Gun Rights


Part 6, Immigration


Part 7, American Exceptionalism


Here's more good Bill Whittle:

Schooling the Hip (7:42):


Flying Solo (10:37)


The Power and Danger of Iconography (8:09)


Enjoy! And if all this resonates, consider joining PJTV.COM as a member to get to see the Members Only videos. And be sure to check out these videos as well:


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