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August 12, 2010

Blood and Taxes

just got a $1000.00 bonus at work. Well, actually, after taxes, about $560.00. And it got me thinking. I live in California. Everyone wants some of my life's blood. I feel like one of the 5 patients giving blood to the other 95.

On Income, they get:

Federal Income Tax Social Security Tax Federal Medicare Tax CA State Income Tax CA State Disability Tax

That's about 45% of my income right there. But its doesn't stop. What happens when I try to spend it? Well, there's:

Sales Tax - 9.75% Federal Gas Tax - $.185 / gal. CA State Gas Tax, which just doubled to $.353 / gal., (and that's ON TOP OF the CA State and Local sales taxes, and a 1.2 cents per gallon state UST fee.)

And then I look at my phone bill, and I'm paying:

Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge Federal Universal Service Charge State Public Utility Surcharge CHCF A Tax CHCF B Tax Relay Service Device Fund Tax State 911 Tax Teleconnect Fund Tax Universal Lifeline Tax City Utility Users Tax

And then there's my PG&E bill, which includes:

Energy Commission Tax Gas PPP Surcharge Utility User's Tax

And then there's the recently jacked-up Bridge Toll - $5 ($100 per month)

And of course Property Taxes, and dozens of other regulatory fees and excise taxes for simply functioning as a human being in a halfway modern life.

Not to mention all the hidden costs associated with goods and services that I pay because they get transferred to me through retail pricing.

And guess what! THEY STILL WANT MORE!

I'd say between 65-75% of my life's blood already goes to government, and perhaps only 20-25% of that is legitimate and well-spent.

We're dying. Do we really have to wait until the givers die or yank out the tubes before we bring sanity to this?

One added point: There are jobs that generate tax revenue, and jobs that consume tax revenue. They are not equal. Increasing govt jobs doesn't count.

We have propoeller-heads that don't understand this distinction and don't want to.

Next year is going to be worse, because they keep doing the opposite of what they should do. They are sucking money out of the economy to pay for more government.

Fasten your seat belts.

Posted by witnit at August 12, 2010 7:40 AM


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