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March 26, 2010

PJTV is for You!

ou gotta trust me on this. You need to go to PJTV and sign up for a Basic Membership of $5 per month and begin working through their programs.

This is New Media at a level of professionalism, smarts, and good humor that will surprise and please you.

The first one to check out is Bill Whittle. He is one smart and articulate and mentally clear dude! An absolute pleasure to experience. Check out these three videos to start:

The Power and Danger of Iconography

Flying Solo

Schooling the Hip

Then check out the rest of the gang:

* Dana Loesch
* Joe Hicks
* Hugh Hewitt
* Andrew Klavan
* Roger L. Simon
* Alfonzo Rachel
* Sonja Schmidt
* Glenn Reynolds

and many more.

And also check out Trifecta and Tea Party TV.

THEN, go to the small "Library" link at the top to find a treasure trove of Archives. And under the "2 Pajamas TV Shows" check out "Education Bias" and watch the 45-minute Victor David Hansen opening talk at USC on Academic Freedom.

If you honestly want to know what the Tea Party is all about, and get confirmation that this is a genuine grassroots movement of people who are simply tired of working as host organisms to government over-spending, and if you want to get daily confirmation of what's going on in this important movement, SIGN UP NOW and check it out.

It's better than almost all the news on your regular TV. Honest to God!

And be sure to let me know what you think of Bill Whittle. And by the way, for you Journey of Soul insiders, the Schooling the Hip video has a surprise ending.

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