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February 21, 2010

I Heart Breitbart, PJTV, and the Tea party

may change my mind if some people change due to notoriety and the power that comes with popularity, but right now, I see something happening that may well be worth your while to know about also.

If the names Glenn Reynolds, Andrew Klavan, Bill Whittle and PJTV are not currently part of your circle of awareness, then you might consider checking them out.

Glenn Reynolds is the mind behind Instapundit, the premier blog of the informal Tea Party (although he predated it, but in many ways has helped to connect people to the info that generated the Tea Party), and an aggregator of tech geek and political wisdom who will link you to some of the cutting edge happenings around the world, especially regarding the changing voice of new media and the dying gasps of the old media.

He is also one of the pioneers of PJTV (part of pajamasmedia), which is now a better source of alternative political and cultural news than you'll find elsewhere. I do not always agree with the opinions expressed, but I find that I am more political and cultural aligned with these folks than most others. I suggest you try out a basic (or entry) membership of PJTV so that you can access their videos

Here are a couple of videos you must see. This will give you an idea of just how smart these regular guys are. And they have a healthy sense of humor, which is especially telling.

Kicking Off the Tea Party Convention

Their part starts between 1 and 2 minutes into the video. They give a healthy perspective about what's happening with the Tea Party,

Also, if you don't know about Andrew Breitbart, you should check him out. He's the guy that broke the ACORN videos (and if you don't know about that, do a google search and watch the complete videos...). Andrew is out to hold the Lamestream Legacy media to account. Check out the two videos on this page to get a sense of what he's been up to:

Andrew Breitbart Award Speech

With Glenn, Klavan, Whittle, Breitbart, and the Tea Party, there may be real hope that out-of-control government can be stopped and reversed. It may be already too late to quiet these people.


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Andrew is out to hold the Lamestream Legacy media to account. Check out the two videos on this page to get a sense of what he's been up to

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